Our Leadership

Meet Ms. Candy Friday, Founder and President of CdFriday Environmental, Inc. Her professional history includes working as a forensic chemist at a major criminalistics laboratory in SW Louisiana, geophysical data processor for a world-leading seismic corporation, environmental chemist and quality manager with one of the first EPA Contract Laboratory Program (CLP) laboratories, project chemist for 17 years for a global environmental/engineering firm, and finally as small business owner at CdF. Her work at CdF that started out as a part of an environmental team has taken her throughout the Gulf Coast as Technical Manager of the sample/data collection group for the Gulf Oil Spill, across the US as a laboratory assessor against ISO 17025, 2009/2016 TNI, and DoD/DOE Quality System Management standards, and down the Cannabis path as a Quality System Manager/Consultant. With over 30 years of chemistry projects, the company’s namesake is making a difference in the pursuit of quality chemistry programs. In her spare time, she is an active and energetic Master Gardener and leads children’s educational programs (currently as remote access programing). She is also an accomplished pianist, active participant in her local church, and has completed many half-marathon trail events in Texas State Parks.