CdF was inspired by observing many trusted colleagues and industry friends who left large environmental corporations to become small business owners. After 24 years of service to the environmental industry at major firms, a vision was born to provide customized service to a smaller group of clients that wanted more of the expertise that CdF provided and less of the corporate overhead. In 2008, CdF received an offer to leave a global environmental firm and become part of an elite team of environmental professionals serving a major customer in the West. CdF set their sights on this project; that eventually grew into more and more contacts in the industry. CdF received an offer to work on the Gulf Oil Spill in 2010 where the business grew into its current position. The work quickly expanded from providing chemistry oversight and consulting to one client to providing sample and data management services, litigation support, laboratory assessments, quality system consulting for environmental laboratories. Recent expansion of services have been successfully provided to several startup Cannabis laboratories; whose laboratories needed and wanted expertise in designing and building laboratory quality systems from the ground up in an emerging and ever-changing industry. Today, these services are provided with the highest of commitments to its customers and their needs.

~ Candy Friday – Founder and President ~